Tuesday, March 13, 2018


  • We are so excited that Spring is right around the corner! We are celebrating Dr. Seuss and are reading and making many Dr. Seuss projects. Our next author will be Eric Carle. Be sure to checkout our art projects in the hallway when you come in for conferences!

  •  Reminder:  Our next field trip is to the Auditorium in Lynn to see the production, “Dragons Love Tacos”. If you have not volunteered yet, remember you will need a CORI for future field trips as well as volunteering in the classroom.

  • Important: Please continue practicing the “60” sight words needed for 1st grade. By labeling your house, these words will help your child become better readers and writers!

  • CONFERENCES: I will send out conference reminders closer to your conference date for March 30th. Please let me know if the time I assigned you doesn’t work out and we can reschedule.

  • We hope you and your child enjoy reading the “Lets Find Out”, Scholastic Weekly Reader and their guided reading book. Thank you for sending their guided reading book the next day as we use them in class. At times, we understand if you need an extra day reading! On the scholastic reader, please be sure to take advantage of the web site on the top right hand of the magazine. Your child will enjoy the many exciting activities on this web site.

  • Thank you for all your support and I am looking forward to the upcoming conferences! Your children have been working really hard, make sure to praise them for all their hard work and effort!


It’s hard to believe that February is already here! We have many activities going on. We will be celebrating  Ground hog Day, Valentine’s Day, and the 100th Day of School this month.

  • Valentine’s Day:   We are asking for half gallon wax containers for your child’s Valentine’s mailbox. If you could send one - two or more clean containers in as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Blue Book Bags:  Now that guided reading books are going home, we will be sending blue bags every other weeks. However, I will send an extra reading log for you to fill out and use books from home or the town library.  I still encourage reading to and with your child for at least 15 minutes per day.

Guided Reading: Thank you for returning the guided reading books back the following day!  At times, there will be a letter and/or activity to go along with the books.  Although this is optional, we strongly recommend reading to and with your child as well as the activity.

Math:  We are working on addition in Topic 6.  The students have been practicing counting by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100 in preparation for the 100th day of school on  February 16th! Please have your child continue working on their 100th day cape. You may bring it in anytime when completed.!
  • Important:   Remember, due to the Burlington Food Allergy, please do not use any type of food/candy for the 100th day cape!

Fundations:  Keep practicing letters and their sounds daily:  for ex.
    A Apple /a/.   We are still working on uppercase letters. Continue to say the poem for the uppercase letters as well as lowercase letters. We will be starting digraphs and as well as blends at center time next week: for example,  ch, ck, sh, and th.

Weather  Update:   Please continue to send in the appropriate winter clothing: coat, hat, mittens, boots and snow pants. Please remember to send in an extra pair of sneakers/shoes. We go out most days from thirty degrees and up.

January: Winter

Morning Meeting & Phonemic Awareness Activity
* Question of the week: What do you like to do in the snow?

Whole Group:

We are off and learning many new exciting things in Room 1. First, we started our week with discussing the “winter” season. We talked about the temperature and what kind of things happen in the “winter” season. We brainstormed “winter” words and started a new center called, “Read around the Room” where children take a clipboard and find words that begin with

W I N T E R. The children were actively involved and were able to read words on the classroom wall and write them down. Next, we started another center where the children cut out pictures from a magazine that matches the color poem in the Poetry center. Then, we reviewed letters a-z in fundations. Lastly, we are adding numbers using ten frames and discussing math terms “greater than” or “less than”. We are starting Topic 5 in math this week after Topic 4 assessment. Be on a lookout for your child’s topic 4 assessment.

Fundations:   In the next two weeks we will review and finish lowercase letters qu, v, w, x, y and z. Then you will be receiving Unit 2 in fundations on uppercase letters A-Z. Please make sure your child is correctly forming uppercase letters as well as the lowercase letters. We will be sending you the papers to make uppercase notecards like the lowercase letters on the ring. Children will be learning how to tap out CVC words however, please do not teach your child to tap out sight words.

We will be sending Unit 2 in fundations. Students will be tapping out words such as /d/ /o/ /g/ = dog.   They use their thumb and 3 fingers=3 sounds. Please practice tapping CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with your child in the Unit 2 packet.

We have completed all lowercase letters and their sounds and will be working on uppercase A-Z letters now. Please continue to practice both lowercase and uppercase letters and their sounds with your child daily. In addition, make sure your child is forming both lower and uppercase letters correctly.

Literacy:  Starting next Monday your child will be bringing home 50 sight words a week on a ring and classroom book(s) in their blue bag (as usual please sign their reading log that stays in their bag), please return the sight word ring and the classroom books in your child’s blue bag on Thursday’s. Please practice the sight words daily.. Your children should learn to read these words fluently and not tap them out. A great activity to make sight words fun is to write down 5 sight words each week on post-its and place them around your house and have your child collect them to make it fun! For example:  “Go find the sight word see and bring it back to me!”

Guided Reading:   Beginning next Monday, your child will be participating daily in guided reading groups. Your child’s guided reading book will be put in his/her daily communication folder in the homework section. Please read to and with your child and return the book the following day. You will know it is a guided reading book as it will contain a notice with it saying to return it the following day with your signature. It is extremely important to return the black & white book(s) as your child rereads it with their reading group the following day. Finally you will be receiving a chart to use with your child to help them learn to read and you will receive tips on questions to help your child comprehend what they read.

Weather update:  Please send in the appropriate clothing daily. Hats, scarf (optional), gloves/mittens, snow pants (only if snow is on the ground) and boots. We go out most days 25-30 degrees and up. As usual it is best to send in a pair of sneakers as boots are very hot to wear all day. Lastly, please help your child learn to tie their sneakers, zip their jacket as practice pays off!

Monday, December 4, 2017


December: Holidays

Morning Meeting & Phonemic Awareness Activity
* Question of the week: What holiday do you celebrate?

Whole Group:

During the month of December we are learning about the gingerbread stories, holidays and trains with the polar express. We are making a book about holidays around the world. We also are practicing CVC words with letter tiles.

Read Aloud Books
The Polar Express
Snowman at Night, Snowman All year Round
Tacky the Penguin
Penguin on Vacation


Whole Group Reading Response: "Llama Llama Holiday Drama"

Guided Writing:
How do you celebrate the holiday?
Word Bank writing activity

Art: Winter trees

Poetry: Green Poem

Math: Subtraction

Comprehension: Story Elements: Character, setting, problem, solution


We continue with our Monday morning journals to increase our journal writing skills.

Listening Center:

The Gingerbread Man Loose in School

Science :


Social Studies:



November: We are Thankful

Morning Meeting & Phonemic Awareness Activity
* Question of the week: Have you seen a turkey?

Whole Group:

During the month of November we are learning about what we are thankful for. We are doing hands-on activities about turkeys using our fingerprints. We also practiced sight words with our roll and record sight words.

Read Aloud Books

Turkey Trouble
The Very First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving at the Tappletons


Whole Group Reading Response: Problem and solution: "Thanksgiving at the Tappletons"

Guided Writing:
Colored food writing:
This is a brown turkey.
I eat yellow squash.

Art: Turkeys

Poetry: Brown Poem

Math: Using math manipulatives with ten frames

Comprehension: Story element: problem and solution


We continue with our Monday morning journals to increase our journal writing skills.

Listening Center:

Move Over Rover

Science :


Social Studies:


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


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Fall Festival Friday

The Kindergarteners are having a fall celebration this Friday from 9-11. If you are interested in volunteering please let me know. The children will be going to the Kindergarten classrooms making activities and playing games. 

Monday, Room 1 students have their first class reward and may wear a costume. Please have it be a school appropriate costume. Also, be sure the costume has their name on it and fits in their backpack.