Monday, May 15, 2017


Morning Meeting & Phonemic Awareness Activity
* Question of the week: Would you hold a ladybug?

Whole Group:
We continued our unit on Insects. We read nonfiction insect books and we observe our class ladybugs. We also also gathering information to prepare for our research project. During our research we will learn:
What it looks like
What it eats
Life cycle
Cool Facts

We will research Ladybugs and butterflies.

This week we did our unit on Ladybugs. The students enjoyed researching facts about ladybugs in nonfiction stories and learning about ladybugs.

Read Aloud Books

bugs-are-insects.jpg (786×648) bugs-bugs-bugs.jpg (250×251) 1360895308.jpg (1091×1500) 71K41N8SQVL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.gif (260×308) 



Whole Group Reading Response:
Nonfiction lady bug book
life cycle map

Guided Writing:
Facts about Ladybugs

Art: Paint Ladybug

Poetry: Ladybugs

Math: Ladybug Math

Identifying story elements, retelling familiar stories, main idea


We continue with our Monday morning journals to increase our journal writing skills.

We began working on information writing. Information writing "informs" the reader. We will be using informational writing in our research unit.

Listening Center:

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Science :

Living vs. Nonliving

Animals in their habitats

Social Studies:

Memorial Day

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