*****Please note that all homework is optional

As children are beginning to adjust to Kindergarten it is important to encourage reading with your child so students will develop a love for reading. 

Have your child become involved in the reading process: have the child point to words, sound them out and encourage questions. 
Help your child to fill their reading log with books! Read with your child for 15 minutes daily (or more!) so your child develops a vast knowledge of vocabulary, sounds and thinking strategies. 

  • Red folder: Your child will be receiving the Fundations folder weekly as it allows your child to practice the enclosed letters with a dry erase practice board. Fundations helps children practice letter/sound recognition to encourage later reading. 
  •  Blue Daily Folder: The homework/communication folder contains envisions math, scholastic and other homework assignments that may go home with your child. This is also where notices will be sent home. 
  • Blue Bag: Your child's reading log will help children gain a love of reading. Reading to children every night will help children understand that letters are made of spoken words that have meaning. Rereading to your child will help your child with comprehension and will help your child gain a confidence of reading texts fluently. 
      • Encourage your child to read along with you. 
      • Read repetitive, fun and meaningful text for children
      • Encourage your child to make meaningful connections to the text. 
      • Discuss important elements of the beginning, middle and end and make predictions.

Beginning January: 
  • Guided reading books are paper books that help your child read fluently and comprehend text. 
  • Guided reading books should be returned in the folder along with homework (if included) the next school day. 
  • Help children to read along when necessary and help children to sound out the onset and rime of words to encourage beginning reading (b - all. 
      RAZ kids:
          You can now access raz-kids online. Use your child's code and make sure your child does all three parts before moving on to the next book. 


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